Deep Symmetry

Dedicated to finding and sharing spine-tingling electronic music

Mixing, spinning, and lighting Electro and Progressive House and Trance music in the Madison area. Also Future Bass, Chillstep, Dubstep… and other good stuff.


You can find Deep Symmetry’s streams on Mixcloud: James’ and Chris’. Take a listen, see what you think, leave feedback.

We have a blast performing around Wisconsin, and are looking forward to the coming year. If you know of good venues or other opportunities for us to partner with, please let us know.


We are excited to announce Afterglow, the open-source lighting control system we’ve created to bring our light shows to a whole new level! Watch for it in shows soon, or explore it as a way to create your own shows, and even contribute to it.

Beat Link Trigger, another open-source project, is helping synchronize visuals and Ableton Live sets to Pioneer DJ equipment in big shows around the world.

2024 EFF Member


Deep Symmetry’s growing lighting rig debuted to complement the sounds of the monthly Dub Pub and Ravekind shows at The Cardinal Bar. We have also performed at the Majestic and underground events.

We enjoyed introducing our amazing new laser a few years ago! You may be fortunate to catch a gloving performance by Chris at a local show.


Find us on Facebook. Or, if you have an event that would benefit from the sights and sounds offered by Deep Symmetry, or for any other reason, please send email. We’d love to hear from you. For cryptographic security, see here.


Deep Symmetry is proud to be part of the Wisco EDM Collective.