Class AnalysisTagFinder.CacheEntry

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class AnalysisTagFinder.CacheEntry
    extends Object
    Wraps values we store in our hot cache so we can keep track of the player, slot, track, file extension, and type tag the analysis section was associated with.
    • Field Detail

      • dataReference

        public final DataReference dataReference
        Identifies the track to which the analysis section belongs.
      • fileExtension

        public final String fileExtension
        Identifies the specific analysis file from which the cached section was loaded.
      • typeTag

        public final String typeTag
        The four-character type code identifying the specific section of the analysis file that was cached.
      • taggedSection

        public final org.deepsymmetry.cratedigger.pdb.RekordboxAnlz.TaggedSection taggedSection
        The parsed analysis file section itself.